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27aug22 :

All groups are back !

All groups (apart from the Bairns Rock childrens group) have now started back following the summer break.

AND..... A new group has started for Health & Wellbeing on Monday evenings. See our 'What we do' page for more details.


Please get in touch if you'd like to join any of our groups.

13jul22 :

All groups start back after summer break in July

All groups (apart from the Men's Group who are continuing to meet on Saturday mornings) have stopped for the month of July, but will restart again in August. We would love to welcome you along.


Please get in touch if you'd like to join any of our groups.

13jan22 :

More community groups starting soon following grant funding award

Following our successful receipt of grant funding to support our small groups, our Art group, Knitting group, Bairns Rock pre-school group and Mental Health Support group will be starting very soon in Stirling town centre.

Art group will run on Friday mornings, Knitting/Craft on Monday mornings and Bairns Rock on Tuesday mornings. Our Mental Health group dates/times will be confirmed shortly.

More info to follow with location, dates & times.

Get in touch if you'd like to join any of these groups.

2sep21 :

Lunch Club, Choir and Tea Dance have started.

We welcome anyone who wishes to join us, to come along and meet old and new friends in a friendly and welcoming environment.

No need to pre-book, just come along.

Click our PROJECTS link for details of place & time of each group

Aug21 :

Charity collaboration creates memorial garden and community wellness space


The St. Ninians community and surrounding area are benefiting from a collaboration between two local charities, the recently founded Stirling4Community (S4C) charity and William Simpsons Care Home.


Volunteers from S4C are creating a community haven within an area of land at St Ninians Glebe, which constituted the historical cemetery for past residents of the old William Simpsons Asylum, established in 1836.  Only a small area of the space was ever used for the designated purpose and the area has lain fallow and unloved since the early 1970s.


S4C are creating a memorial garden to mark the designated interment area to honour those buried there.  Soon, borders will be flowing with flowers and foliage, creating a vibrant and scented habitat for bees and other pollinating insects.  Memorial plaques will be erected at each burial site to name and honour those who rest within.   


This memorial garden will form the backdrop to a community area where creative crafts and outdoor activities, such as the men’s club where joinery and gardening can be enjoyed by adults of all ages and abilities.  The garden will also provide a safe area for organised pre-school children’s groups to play and develop awareness of nature.  The shared aim of this memorial garden is to create a reflective space to enhance lives and bring people together.


S4C are all about combating social isolation and loneliness through community interaction and their partnership with the mental health based care home charity, William Simpsons, is set to benefit people of all ages within the local community.  The positive benefits for mental and physical health, of being outside in nature, are well established and this holistic approach is something close to the heart of William Simpsons which takes a 360 degree person centred approach to care, proactively supporting adults with mental health issues and enabling them to realise their potential and live their lives to the full.   


Through this collaboration, S4C and William Simpsons aim to promote social integration and enhanced wellbeing whilst remembering and honouring those who have gone before through the through the medium of nature using this special space to bring communities together, to celebrate life and promote learning and focusing on a social integrated and supportive future.

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